Respory Pro - IoT Sensor

The Respory Pro delivers centimetre accuracy and intelligent tracking features to uncover all movements within its scope.

Supported by Respory Mesh AI, there are no longer any limits to the size of the covered area.

Respory Pro Sensor

Key Features

The sensor’s performance enables precise object path tracking, heatmapping, and specific analyses of defined zones, creating a full understanding of the covered area without requiring personalised data.

Centimetre precision

The sensor enables object and people tracking from entering the covered area until exiting without gaps with over 99% accuracy.

Simple installation at scale

Through our plug & play solutions, the sensors can be mounted via power rails or within suspended ceilings for non-invasive installation and are calibrated automatically once powered on.

Real-time data

The sensor transmits data via our API in real-time to our cloud for processing or to any defined custom software for easy access and process integration.

Infinitely scalable

Using Respory Mesh AI the Pro sensors can cover an infinitely large area while calibrating automatically without tedious setup steps.


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Respory Pro Factsheet

Download the factsheet for in-depth information and hardware specifications to see if it is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Respory Pro

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Respory Pro IoT sensor technology.                                      

If you want detailed people tracking with precise heatmaps and paths or you want a full view of an indefinitely large area, then the Pro is the right choice.

Radar technology is inherently privacy-oriented as it only captures its own waves returning from an object. Unlike other solutions like 3D-cameras which must capture non-compliant video material first, our technology skips this step and provides even more detailed data through its precise detection algorithms.

Apart from being fully GDPR-compliant compared to a 3D-camera, the Respory Pro can cover infinitely large areas and remain cost-efficient while 3D-cameras are unable to cover anything larger than 500m2.

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