People counting

Precise and GDPR-compliant people counting without a camera to monitor store capacity and predict visitor trends.

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Visitors as Data

Accurately quantify your visitors

Establish a foundation for data-driven decisions by measuring visitor counts to predict trends and manage capacity.

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Everything you need to know about how our solution works.

You probably have extensive management experience. But a second opinion can never hurt and manual visitor counting for trend forecasting can be both time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies.
Having precise visitor counts, along with insights into how weather and holidays impact traffic, streamlines planning and prevents oversights.
People counting is a great start into data-driven decision-making and forms a great foundation. However, by using our full-scale MESH system, you can optimise your store even further.

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COUNT: People Counting

Accurate information about customer trends and current capacities  for a comprehensive overview of your visitor frequency.

ENGAGE: PoI monitoring

Intelligent tracking features to determine the engagement and interest of visitors towards your points of interest.

MESH: Full-scale tracking

Capture the full customer journey and automate tasks by seamlessly integrating our sensor mesh network into your area.

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