Unlocking unprecedented insights from real-world movement data

Cutting-edge technology for inch-perfect capture and GDPR-compliant analysis of movement data in high-traffic areas.

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Enhance your business with movement data

These key pillars are essential for harnessing the full power of movement data in your decision-making process.

Capacity Analysis

Accurately determine shop capacity, measure visitor dwell times and provide real-time information to reduce waiting times and improve customer satisfaction.

Marketing Validation

Capture customer interest of storefront displays, uncover marketing-led customer paths, and evaluate the effectiveness of points-of-interest to improve product placement, promotion, and marketing decisions.

Area Monetisation

Identifiy main customer paths, classify frequented zones, and enables area-specific product placement to increase area profitability, targeted marketing strategies, and optimal product positioning based on movement data.

Predictive Forecasting

Efficiently predict queue build-up, forecast visitor traffic, streamline staff scheduling, and strategically position promotional items for maximum impact by combining historic data with external variables.

What sets us apart

Infinitely scalable

Sensors can cover an infinitely large area without technological limitations.

Not tied to device

Full visitor coverage without the need for customers to carry any devices.

24/7 available

Low power consumption and on-demand data via our cloud service.

Easy to install

Non-invasive mounting in power rails or suspended ceiling only requiring power and WiFi.

How we unlock new movement data

Uncover the full potential of your retail area with our advanced movement-data-as-a-service solution.

1. Lightweight sensor network

Sensor network Picture
Cloud Computing Picture

2. Efficient & secure cloud computing

3. Versatile API & Dashboard

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Get to know what drives us

Our vision is to create a unifying platform that enables informed decisions based on data and generates maximum value for business and society.

Our insights into the market

Explore our insights to stay updated on trends, technology, and tips for optimising your store using movement data.

Ready to unlock a new dimension of data-driven insights?

Get in touch so we can discover the potential of your movement data!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about Respory and our movement-data-as-a-service technology.

Respory’s core technology is based on radar sensors that capture and analyse movement data within a physical space, providing real-time insights into customer behavior.

Our radar sensors emit radio waves and measure the reflected signals. By analyzing these signals, we can create accurate and anonymous representations of customer movements.

Yes, Respory takes data privacy seriously. Our technology only collects anonymous customer data and complies with GDPR requirements. We ensure that all data is collected and processed in a privacy-conscious manner.

Absolutely! Respory’s technology is versatile and applicable across various industries, including retail, public transport, service industry and many more.

Yes, we offer an easy-to-implement API that seamlessly integrates with your current systems, such as ERP or IMS.

Our radar technology provides highly accurate data, with centimeter-level precision, ensuring you receive reliable insights into customer behavior.

Yes, Respory’s technology offers real-time data access, allowing you to monitor and respond to customer activities as they happen.

Unlike camera-based systems, Respory’s radar sensors don’t capture visual images. This means no personal data is stored or transmitted, making it privacy-friendly and GDPR compliant.

Respory’s technology helps businesses identify and address bottlenecks, optimise store layouts, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and improving store efficiency.

Yes, our technology is infinitely scalable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of both small and large businesses, making it accessible to a wide range of enterprises.