We Are Advancing Spatial Data Through Radar Technology.

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What We Offer

An innovative approach for retail analytics in your store.

GDPR compliant

The gathered data is fully anonymous due to hardware capabilities. Yet, it is all you need to gain in-depth information about your store and customers.

People Mapping

Our technology offers a new depth of detailed data about customer behaviour in the store before checkout.

Objective Retail-Analytics

Our service supports management decisions with objective data to optimise store efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Plug and Play

The sensor array is simple to install, reasonably priced and discreet. Thus, the initial cost of adopting our service remains low.

Our Product and Services

This is how your journey will start with us.



Visualising a yet unseen layer of customer behaviour.

Our sustainable and cost-efficient sensor array is capable of gathering GDPR-compliant data of its surroundings in real-time.


Our solution offers a visualisation of customer shopping behaviour on the sales floor, mitigating the data blind spot before checkout and therefore optimising the store layout and maximising turnover. Simultaneously, the system is designed to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings by virtue of its small form factor.

Data evaluation and processing at its peak.

The collected spatial data is sent directly from the sensors to a local server. In a subsequent step, it is evaluated and processed to be displayed on our end-user dashboard in a easy-to-understand fashion.

Wireless technology

Low-energy consumption

Quick installation time





All-in-one tool to optimise your store(s).

At the core of our service we offer a customisable dashboard or API that displays live facts such as customer count, heatmaps, shopping duration and common pathways taken. Additionally, further data can be integrated into the dashboard to connect historic data with the novel data coming from our sensor array.

Managers who supervise multiple stores can easily make use of the dashboard to gain a quick overview of recent store data at a glance.

An individual solution with low upfront cost.

Our sensor array is scalable to any size but the price does not scale exponentially. The low initial set up costs can be provided through our lightweight technology which is easy to set up in any environment.

Hence, the service is provided by an individually negotiated subscription fee offering the right amount of personalised consulting through dedicated key account managers.

Subscription-based model

Individually optimised solutions

Minimise inconvenience and inefficiency



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Some Insights

Our technology and service are capable of providing an in-depth heatmap with a vast possibility to scale indefinitely by adding further sensor arrays.

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