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Respory links real movements with the digital world. We support companies in capturing movement data on various surfaces and, based on this, in making their processes more efficient and avoiding ineffective measures. Through innovative technologies, we enable data-driven transformation without compromising privacy.

Our vision is to create a unifying platform that enables informed decisions based on data and generates maximum value for business and society. With the help of our technologies, we strive for a future-proof use of data that enables companies to improve their performance while contributing to the well-being of people and the environment.

Respory Team

What we stand for


We embody innovation while safeguarding data privacy and ensuring ethical practices for trusted movement data analysis.


We prioritise the delivery of the most accurate data possible to support data-driven decisions.


We enable our customers to gain the greatest value possible from their data to enhance operational capabilities and drive success.


Our hardware can be adjusted seamlessly to any spatial needs and our software caters to all potential integrations.

Meet our leadership team

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Valentin Grabner, CEO

Valentin is the driving force behind Respory’s strategic decision-making, internal organisation, financial and legal matters, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations. With degrees in political science and business administration, specialised in innovation and strategy, his academic background is well-suited to our business. His extensive experience in audit, IT, and sustainability compliance makes him the backbone in maintaining our ongoing success.

Sebastian Ludwig, CTO

Sebastian, a visionary and dedicated tech enthusiast, is the creative powerhouse behind Respory. His extensive background in electrical engineering and embedded development is infused into every aspect of our technology. Coupled with his education in medical engineering, Sebastian ensures our technology is both innovative and reliable, delivering the best results. His unwavering commitment to research and development forms the core of Respory’s success.

Sebastian Respory Founder

Career at Respory

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