In-store marketing engagement

Know exactly what your customers are interested in and how well your marketing measures perform.

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Quantify Interest

Make marketing success measurable

Measure the success of your marketing efforts and the engagement with your points of interest.

usecase marketing engagement

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Offline in-store marketing can include posters, digital signage, shop windows, product promotions and many other materials designated to engage with customers.
Success in in-store marketing can be measured using metrics such as foot traffic, dwell time, conversion rates, and customer engagement with marketing materials throughout the store.
By understanding how many customers are exposed to promotions and how they respond, retailers can refine their strategies to maximise impact and drive sales.

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COUNT: People Counting

Accurate information about customer trends and current capacities  for a comprehensive overview of your visitor frequency.

ENGAGE: PoI monitoring

Intelligent tracking features to determine the engagement and interest of visitors towards your points of interest.

MESH: Full-scale tracking

Capture the full customer journey and automate tasks by seamlessly integrating our sensor mesh network into your area.

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