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Intelligent Marketing

Know what your visitors are interested in

Reveal visitor behaviour around your known points of interest to quantify your marketing effectiveness and enhance your returns.

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Data-Driven Operations

Use Cases for points of interest

Get inspired by potential uses for our product and how it is employed in practice.

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Quantify Interest

Make marketing success measurable

Measure the success of your marketing efforts and the engagement with your points of interest.

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Grab Attention

Your first touchpoint with customers

Utilise your shop window effectively to attract new customers and determine what measures yields the best results.

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Customer Service Excellence

The customer is just one notification away

Get a clearer understanding of where customers need assistance without constantly monitoring your sales floor.

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Visitors as Data

Accurately quantify your visitors

Establish a foundation for data-driven decisions by measuring visitor counts to predict trends and manage capacity.

Don't miss out on our technology factsheet

Gain in-depth knowledge about hardware specifications and technology features.

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We've got answers

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about how our people counting technology works.

If you want quantifiable insights into how your marketing measures perform and how interested people are in it, this is the solution for you.

Traditional camera technology is expensive and difficult to maintain, as visual technologies rely on an unobstructed and calibrated lens. Our sensor is assembled only using automotive parts and is immune against any environmental changes such as dust or light.

Radar technology is inherently privacy-oriented as it only captures its own waves returning from an object. Unlike other solutions like 3D-cameras which must capture non-compliant video material first, our technology skips this step and provides even more detailed data through its precise detection algorithms.

The sensor can be mounted within suspended ceilings or clipped into power rails, making it both discreet and simple. Due to its small nature, most other options are also viable.

Due to many distinguishing factors such as velocity, walking direction or positioning, we can accurately determine the interest level of a person next to a point of interest.

Of course. Through our API we can securely forward data to your endpoint of choice.

Innovative Solutions

Explore our full product line-up

Our product range offers the right solutions for your needs with minimal setup effort.

COUNT: People Counting

Accurate information about customer trends for a comprehensive overview of your visitor frequency.

  • Total visitor count
  • Dynamic staff planning
  • Precise conversion rate

MESH: Full-scale tracking solution

Capture the full customer journey and automate tasks by seamlessly integrating our sensor mesh network into your area.

  • Exact path detection from entry to exit
  • Heatmaps across entire area
  • Automation of tasks based on area information

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