Find the right product for your needs

The first fully GDPR-compliant technology which offers centimetre-accuracy and coverage on infinitely large areas without any extra steps. Whether you need our sensors for simple motion detection or large-scale coverages of huge areas, we have a product that fits for you.

Respory Core Sensor

People Counter

The Respory People Counter utilises our cutting-edge radar technology to accurately determine entries and exits of your store to give you exact insights about current capacities and expected customers to support staff planning and benchmarking across multiple stores.

Respory Pro Sensor

PoI Analyser

The Respory PoI Analyser is mounted above known points-of-interest to precisely determine its visitor engagement. The technology recognises changes in behaviour such as velocity and uses it to determine a person's interest level in the point-of-interest.

Respory Mesh AI


The Respory Mesh is our full-scale solution covering a whole store, no matter how large. With it, visitors can be tracked from the entrance until they leave the store again. This enables store-wide heatmapping and path analysis to determine hotspots as well as main paths.