Respory Mesh AI

Seamlessly connect Respory Pro sensors together with Mesh AI, unlocking unlimited area coverage and revolutionising your retail analytics capabilities without the need for additional hardware.

Respory Mesh AI

Key Features

A unified network, delivering centimetre accuracy and intelligent tracking features to capture people paths from entering the covered area until exiting it again. Mesh AI captures all movements and provides the best possible insights while retaining 100% GDPR compliance.

Efficient cloud computing

All captured data is streamed into our EU-based cloud for real-time data processing to generate insights of your area rapidly and reliably.


Mesh AI scales effortlessly to accommodate your expanding network. Add more sensors without worrying about setup complexities or size limits.

Seamless integration

Once the sensors are powered on, Mesh AI automatically calibrates the network, saving you time and effort after the initial mounting.

Unlimited area coverage

Mesh AI extends the coverage of Respory Pro sensors infinitely, ensuring a comprehensive overview.


Coming soon.

Respory Mesh AI Factsheet

Download the factsheet for in-depth information and hardware specifications to see if it is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Respory Mesh AI

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Respory Mesh AI technology.                                      

Using advanced algorithms to match track ends and track beginnings from sensors next to each other enables the creation of a seamless track in a global coordinate system.

No, Mesh AI is purely software-based and does not require any additional hardware or setup efforts to connect multiple sensors into one network.

Of course! Additional data such as 3D-cameras at entrances or point-of-sale data can be combined with our analytics to generate even more accurate insights.

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