Respory Core - IoT Sensor

High accuracy, low power consumption and GDPR-compliance combined in one sensor. The Respory Core IoT Sensor is powered by the most efficient radar chip to deliver highly accurate movement detection while drawing minimal power.

Respory Core Sensor

Key Features

Due to its efficient nature, it can be deployed in various environments and used for more reliable motion detection in buildings, monitoring of infrastructure and much more.

High accuracy

The sensor detects movement with an accuracy of 99% and distinguish between people and objects.

Ultra low power

The sensor's minimal power consumption optionally enables battery powered operation with a life time of >2 years.

Weather resistant

The sensor can be mounted in various environments without any degradation of its performance.

Flexible connectivity

The sensor can be connected either via serial bus or relay switch and alternatively via WiFi or low-power LoRaWAN.


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Respory Core Factsheet

Download the factsheet for in-depth information and hardware specifications to see if it is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Respory Core

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Respory Core IoT sensor technology.                                      

If your application only requires presence detection but no specific movement tracking, the Respory Core covers all your needs.

Traditional motion detection sensors are based on infrared technology, which is cheap but sacrifices accuracy, as they cannot distinguish between objects and humans, leading to false triggers of alarm systems, door controls, and other applications.

Radar technology is inherently privacy-oriented as it only captures its own waves returning from an object. Unlike other solutions like 3D-cameras which must capture non-compliant video material first, our technology skips this step and provides even more detailed data through its precise detection algorithms.

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