Movement Capture Technology

The first fully GDPR-compliant IoT technology which offers centimetre-accuracy and coverage on infinitely large areas without any extra steps. Whether you need our sensors for simple motion detection or large-scale coverages of huge areas, we have a solution that fits for you.

Respory Core Sensor


The Respory Core IoT sensor is highly efficient, running on minimal power requirements and in almost all environments. If you require a standalone solution for motion detection with longevity or even battery-powered, this is for you.

Respory Pro Sensor


The Respory Pro IoT sensor takes movement data accuracy to the next level and enables the precise capture of object paths and tracks. With its increased resolution, it can determine movement down to the centimetre and provide data in real-time.

Respory Mesh AI


Our Mesh AI technology enables the full coverage of infinitely large areas by automatically connecting Pro sensors together to create one large network. Gather path data of individuals across the whole area or at specific points-of-interest. There are no boundaries.