Know exactly how many people visited your store

Track how many people visit your store, analyse customer trends, track your conversion rate and adapt your staffing needs.

Respory Core Sensor

Key Features

High accuracy

The sensor detects movement with an accuracy of 99% and distinguish between people and objects.

Real-time data

Receive your visitor data in real time via our WebUI or via data forwarding to act instantly if there are significant changes.

On-sensor processing

The collected data is processed directly on the sensor which requires no additional hardware.

Unobtrusive installation

It can be mounted inside suspended ceilings or on power rails. Due to the efficient technology it is small and does not attract attention.

Use Cases

Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and optimise operations with our retail analytics data to benchmark your store and compare to other branches.


Respory Core Sensor


Simple installation at scale

100% GDPR compliant

Infinitely scalable

Download the factsheet for in-depth information and hardware specifications to see if it is the right fit for you.

Frequently asked questions about the People Counter

Get answers to commonly asked questions about the Respory People Counter technology.                                      

If your application only requires entrance/exit detection but no specific movement tracking, the Respory People Counter covers all your needs.

Traditional people counting sensors are based on camera technology, which is expensive and difficult to maintain, as visual technologies rely on an unobstructed and calibrated lens. Our sensor is assembled only using automotive parts and is immune against any environmental changes such as dust or light.

Radar technology is inherently privacy-oriented as it only captures its own waves returning from an object. Unlike other solutions like 3D-cameras which must capture non-compliant video material first, our technology skips this step and provides even more detailed data through its precise detection algorithms.

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Respory Pro Sensor

PoI Analyser

The Respory PoI Analyser is mounted above known points-of-interest to precisely determine its visitor engagement. The technology recognises changes in behaviour such as velocity and uses it to determine a person's interest level in the point-of-interest.

Respory Mesh AI


The Respory Mesh is our full-scale solution covering a whole store, no matter how large. With it, visitors can be tracked from the entrance until they leave the store again. This enables store-wide heatmapping and path analysis to determine hotspots as well as main paths.