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Conversion rate

Knowing the percentage of visitors who leave the store as paying customers, supports sales optimisation and marketing efforts.

Visitor count

Monitoring visitor fluctuations on a minute-by-minute basis provides valuable insights into how well the store is performing.

Staff per visitor

Maintaining the optimal staff-to-customer ratio helps to provide excellent customer support while controlling costs.

Waiting time

Analysing visitor waiting patterns, aids in improving the store layout and reduce wait times, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Cutting-edge retail analytics for your store.

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8.5%* sales loss

Evaluate staff to visitor ratio

to avoid understaffing

Queue >10 people

10%° sales loss

Predictive waiting time analysis

based on total and checkout utilisation

Cluttered sales floor

65%^ want a clear sales area

Precise path and visitor flow analysis

to adjust store layout

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